Through the Eyes of a Child

Students from the Citizenship Media Group (CMG) – a group based in and supported by the Sutton Life Centre – have been working since August 2014 to produce a film for the Imagine Arts Festival. Using the technique of Double Exposure, film teacher and session leader Richard Paris Wilson set students the task of ‘capturing the impact of global warming through the eyes of a child’. The result will soon be screened inside the Sutton Life Centre library, but for the time being is available to view on Vimeo. The film was edited by 15-year old Sam Marino and includes clips produced by over 40 young filmmakers from Sutton.

Richard explained: “It’s been a great project. We really appreciate the funding support from Imagine, which helped us buy a green screen and run all the sessions required to make this film happen. Every student came up with creative ideas, and the film is just an unrelenting visual journey expertly put together by Sam. He worked really hard to get it perfect, and we really hope people enjoy it.”

Student Sam Marino said “It was hard work collecting everybody’s clips and piecing them together to make one thing. It took a lot of versions to get it right, but it was a great experience and now I just can’t wait for the next one.”

You can watch the video below:

Through the Eyes of a Child from Sutton Life Centre on Vimeo.