Filming at Sutton Life Centre

The Sutton Life Centre is a truly unique location. This £8m community centre houses a modern library, office space and purpose built sets of housing interiors. These sets include a fully decorated bedroom, living room, dining area and kitchen. Additional benefits to filming at this location are the ground level studio fitted with projectors, a climbing wall and an exterior sports pitch. With such a diverse range of locations in one complex and free on site parking, the Sutton Life Centre is an exciting opportunity for filmmakers.

At present, the Opportunity Sutton team is organising any film productions in the borough on Council property. Please find our terms and conditions here.

To apply for filming in Sutton please complete the form here and follow the instructions on the page.

Opportunity Sutton is available by phone 9am-5pm Monday-Friday 020 8770 5000.

We welcome enquiries from all filmmakers across film, television, music videos, and stills photography.

Opportunity Sutton are able to provide advice on:

  • Street filming in the Borough

  • Parking (unit base & street)

  • Location enquiries

  • Filming on council property

Please send any queries to and we will aim to get back to you as soon as possible.