UK Safety Centres

Safety Centre Alliance

Sutton Life Centre is one of a number of safety centres located throughout the UK which aim to teach children (and adults) to lead safer, healthier lives through experiential learning. We form part of the Safety Centre Alliance. Our safety centres are generally not for profit and run by charities, trusts or local authorities.
Safety Centres
Our Mission:
The Safety Centre Alliance exists to facilitate support, networking and development between permanent interactive safety centres in the UK and to support those wishing to set up new centres. It was formed in April 2005.

Our Members:
The list below outlines the SCA centres found in the UK.

Aberdeen – Absafe (1)
Belfast – RADAR (4)
Birmingham – SafeSide (10)
Cheshire – Safety Central (8)
Edinburgh – Risk Factory (2)
Gloucester – SkillZONE (13)
Leicester – Warning Zone (11)
London – Sutton Life Centre (16)
Manchester – in development (6)
Milton Keynes – Hazard Alley (14)
Newcastle – Safety Works! (3)
North Wales – DangerPoint (5)
Rochester (Kent) – in development
Rotherham – Lifewise (7)

Other Safety Centres

Bristol – Lifeskills
Dorset – LV= Streetwise

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