KS3 PSHE Lesson Plans

We have a range of free PSHE lesson plans available to supplement your visit to the Sutton Life Centre. Each lesson plan relates to a different scenario that you will experience as part of the Life Skills Tour.

If you would like more information on planning a visit to Sutton Life Centre for your students, take a look at what we have to offer for School Trips on our Life Skills Tours.

PSHE Lesson Plans for KS3

Our KS3 PSHE Lesson Plans are ideal for students in Year 7 or 8 and supplement the content encountered on our Life Skills Tours.

To download a lesson plan, simply click on the appropriate link below.

The Street Experience

KS3 Lesson Plan – Bullying

KS3 Lesson Plan – Alcohol

KS3 Lesson Plan – Knife Crime

KS3 Lesson Plan – Drugs

The Transport Experience

KS3 Lesson Plan – Social Behaviour

KS3 Lesson Plan – Robbery

KS3 Lesson Plan – Graffiti

KS3 Lesson Plan – Danger on the Platform

The Home Experience

KS3 Lesson Plan – Teenage Relationships

KS3 Lesson Plan – Diet and Nutrition

KS3 Lesson Plan – Fire Safety

KS3 Lesson Plan – Cyber Bullying

PSHE Lesson Plans