Volunteering at Sutton Life Centre

Volunteers are very important to us at Sutton Life Centre, and are involved in all aspects of our work, including our School Tours, our Media Club, the Library, our Friends Group and our Job Club.

Check out our Current Volunteering Opportunities for all available roles.

If you come to us as a volunteer you can be assured of a warm welcome and the benefits of our well established volunteer management and support service. This ensures that we match your interests and needs as closely as possible to available volunteer positions and then provides you with full induction and training to equip you for your role.

Once you are established we offer full support on a day to day basis and at regular intervals to ensure that things continue to run smoothly and to identify any additional interests you may have.

We are also very aware that many people volunteer these days to further their career or education and are able to provide references in this respect.

Volunteer Support

Volunteer Profiles

Find out what some of our existing volunteers have to say about their experience of volunteering with us at Sutton Life Centre:

Claire Gudgin
Janice Baldwin
Jim Field

More Information

For more information about volunteering at the Sutton Life Centre, please contact us.

By Phone: 020 8296 1287
By email: slc@sutton.gov.uk
Online: Click here

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