Volunteering Profile: Janice Baldwin

“When I retired from working in Sutton Libraries, one of the things I missed most was working with people and the sense of contributing to the community, so I applied to become a volunteer at Sutton Life Centre. It appealed to me because, as well as the library reception desk, it included so much more. I love the buzz of the place and the positive feedback from all the people who use it. Tina and the staff have all been great and make me feel welcome each time I come in.

People come into the Life Centre for many reasons, but sometimes just to see what it is and what it does. I am able to explain its role as a citizenship centre and then run through the other activities it offers: library, climbing wall, football, media studies, youth activities etc. I try to identify something that interests each person so much that they will be inspired to come back and start using the centre regularly. Most visitors are impressed with the building and its facilities and go away with a positive view of it.

I enjoy talking to people and listening to their views about the centre and about ‘life and everything’ as well; how could I ever get bored?!”